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The site map is designed to help you in case you're not finding what you need. Here are some brief descriptions of each of the twelve pages that we have so far.

Desk Pads, Blotters and Placemats - an overview of and introduction to JKS Marketing and the desk pads it manufactures.

Desk Pads - describes the desk pads and the two different formats that are offered.

History of the Desk Pad - this covers the development of the JKS desk pad which was first manufactured in 1976.

Leather Tips - offers some more information about leather and how to take care of the leather desk pad.

Leather Facts - offers some useful insight into the production of leather and the different kinds of leather.

Vinyl Tips - describes vinyl and how to take care of the vinyl desk pad.

Vinyl Facts - offers some insight into the nature and history of vinyl and what makes it so versatile and popular.

Hot Stamping and Embossing - describes some of the hot stamping service provided by JKS Marketing.

Links - a research page devoted to the office and accessory industries with additional links to the architectural and interior design communities.

Contact Information - our contact information.

Testimonials - see what others are saying about our desk pads.

Our Portfolio - see some examples our desk pads at work.

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