We manufacture placemats in Traditional or Transitional Styling for conference, boardroom and executive table seating. Our placemats are designed for conference, boardroom and executive table seating. They are manufactured using either quality leather or a leather-like vinyl (Morbern Ambassador Select). The appearance and feel of the vinyl is so similar to that of leather that most of our customers cannot tell the difference.

The placemats are available both with either padded side panels (Traditional) or without (Transitional). Several vinyl colors are available . The standard leather color is black. Other colors or C.O.L. can also be specified.


The vinyl or leather placemat was originally designed as a way of protecting fine furniture from the effects of writing, accidental spills and other typical desk or table activities. As our vinyl and leather placemats evolved over time two new functions were added. While the primary function is protection, a decorative function was added giving your conference room or boardroom a look and feel of professional elegance. An operative function was also added in that great attention was given to the texture and firmness of the pad in order to facilitate the act of writing, making it easier to write on the pad than on the table or desk itself. Our placemat, as it stands today, is much more capable of meeting the needs of the executive boardroom than the outdated placemat.

Placemat Applications

Typically, when one thinks of a placemat, one imagines a protective table pad made from disposable paper or cloth. Our placemats were not only designed to give you a protective barrier from spilt beverages or food stains. They were also specifically designed with the executive in mind, who not only needs a protective table pad, but a pad that makes writing easier and enhances the appearance of a boardroom table. You won't get that with a typical placemat. Longer lasting and more design conscious than the typical placemat, our placemats are more suitable for things such as banks, hotels, conference centres and hospitality venues, to large corporate boardrooms and government executive offices.

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