Leather Desk Pad Tips

leather desk pads.

The leather desk pad is designed with some of the finest quality leathers in the world. There is something about the way we feel when we touch a desk pad made with leather. It communicates a whole range of pleasant sensations and adds a sense of elegance and style to any setting.

The leather is created using a water soluble aniline dye that completely penetrates the leather and captures the colour for good. Less complicated and more environmentally friendly than older techniques, this process allows you to dye the leather virtually any shade you want. It keeps the leather relatively pure - no other finishes or pigments are applied. This only enhances the leather's inherent qualities, showing off its natural grain, giving it excellent tooling, polishing and re-dyeing properties. For more about leather see Facts.

Given the quality of these blotters, it is imperative that you maintain them through care and prevention. These pads get their softness from the leather being left in a natural state. This also makes the leather more likely to absorb a stain.

Taking Care of a Leather Desk Pad

A lot of common sense can keep your desk pads in excellent shape for years to come. Here are five simple things to keep in mind:

Avoid Heat

Protect your desk pads from direct sunlight.

Avoid Dust

Keep the leather pores free from dust particles. Wipe completely with a soft rag, preferably once a week.

Use A Cleaner

Clean the desk pads with gentle cleaner. Preferably once a month if the pad is used daily. Do Not Rub! Sponge gently until all grime and stains are absorbed.

Use Only Guaranteed Products

Common cleaning materials and chemicals can cause severe damage and costly repairs. Make sure you use a trusted and reliable cleaning product and you can enjoy your desks pads for a long time keeping your piece of mind.

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